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CM, Dy CM hit back at Delhi BJP chief Tiwari

New Delhi: Hitting back at the allegations of corruption by the Delhi BJP on Monday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal vehemently rejected the accusations, daring Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari to arrest him if such irregularities are proven. Kejriwal added that the saffron party was trying to hamper good education being provided to poor people in Delhi government schools.

"The BJP's CBI checked all our files but found nothing. If there is a scam then arrest us immediately, all the agencies are with you. Why do you want to obstruct good education to the poor," the AAP chief tweeted. In another tweet, he said, "For the first time poor children are studying in such good schools (of Delhi government) which were earlier available to rich people only. Now children of auto drivers, housemaids and labourers are becoming doctors, engineers and lawyers. BJP does not want this so it has deliberately kept the schools in poor quality in the states ruled by it," he said.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who is also in charge of the Education Department in Delhi, rejected these allegations made by Tiwari and his party as well, saying that the Dehi BJP chief should get him arrested if he were in fact guilty. If not, Sisodia demanded that Tiwari apologise for "lying" to the poor people whose children are getting education in good quality schools of the Delhi government.

Sisodia also posted a video presentation on infrastructure at Delhi government schools, and challenged Tiwari to name 10 such schools in BJP ruled states which could match them. Denying the allegations of increased spending on classrooms, he said the expenditure on construction of classrooms cannot be calculated as Tiwari has done.

Responding to these issues raised by the CM and Dy CM, Tiwari said that the Delhi government should focus on the allegations that have surfaced rather than challenge him to arrest them. He added that no MPs or MLAs can make arrests and that due process will be followed in this regard.

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