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Clothes worn by culprit in Ggn rape-murder recovered in Jhansi

Clothes worn by culprit in Ggn rape-murder recovered in Jhansi

Gurugram: To expedite the prosecution of Sunil Kumar, accused of raping and murdering over ten minors, the Special Investigating Team (SIT) has begun the process of collecting evidence from Gururgam, Gwalior and Jhansi, where Kumar reportedly hunted his victims.

Even though the SIT was primarily tasked with solving the case of the rape-murder of a three-year-old girl in Gurugram on November 12, the unravelling of Sunil's other heinous crimes have broadened the scope of the investigation.

According to police sources, the SIT has recovered the clothes that were reportedly worn by the 20-year-old culprit on November 12.

The clothes were seized from Jhansi, where he had escaped after killing the girl.

Further, the SIT has recovered skeletal remains of a five-year-old girl near Jhansi, who was raped, killed and then dumped by Kumar back in 2013. The location of the area was given to the officials by Sunil. However, Sunil is yet to come clear on the number of girls he brutally murdered.

Sources also said that law enforcement officials have successfully recreated the crime scene where Sunil abducted, raped and then bludgeoned the three-year-old to death.

Gurugram Police is now collaborating with cops of other states to get concrete evidence of the murderer.

Though there are reports that Kumar is a drug addict, sources claimed that he used to carry out his crimes in a very planned and clever way.

According to the law enforcement officials in the National Capital Region, the accused used to rape the girls, kill them and then dump their bodies in areas as far away as possible from the scene of the crime.

As he worked menial jobs for a living, it was easy for Kumar to escape the police net and flee to areas of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, where he continued with his barbaric acts.

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