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Cloth scrap market under SDMC becomes garbage-free

Cloth scrap market under SDMC becomes garbage-free

New Delhi: Filthy looking cloth scrap market under SDMC on Friday became garbage free after employees of DEMS removed 15 ton clothes and dress scrap lying in a haphazard manner from the market. The Central Pollution Control Board had described this market as one of the hotspots of garbage and scrap. The largest scrap market had been giving a dirty picture of clothe scrap lying here and there in large quantity.

Before Frida'ys action, the scrap dealers were issued 25 challans for putting scrap in open. The cloth scrap dealers had been burning their scrap in open so that the visible quantity could become less. The burning of scrap had been resulting in pollution. With lifting of cloth scrap, the market is looking free from the garbage and scrap.

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