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'City's unorganised sector gave employment to 19 lakh people'

NEW DELHI: Unorganised enterprises of Delhi has generated employment of nearly 19 lakh people in the Capital, noted "Report on Unincorporated Non-Agricultural Enterprises (Excl. Construction) in Delhi" based on the results of NSS 73rd round survey undertaken during the year 2015-16.
The report noted that the total number of unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises was estimated at 8.10 lakh out of which 97 percent were reported to be operated in urban Delhi. Out of 8.10 lakh enterprises, 53.8 percent were own account enterprises and 46.2 per cent were establishments which have at least one hired a worker, observed the report.
According to the report, these 8.10 lakh unorganised enterprises generated employment of around 19.6 lakh with employment size 2.42 per enterprise. The corresponding figure at all India level was 1.75 only. The report observed that 42 per cent enterprises in Delhi were registered under any act or with any registering authority in comparison to 31 percent at All India level. Activity wise proportion of unincorporated non-agriculture enterprises in Delhi was about 53 percent in trading, 32 percent in other services sector and 15 percent in the manufacturing sector. Percentage of Workers engaged in these three broad activities was 48.8 per cent, 29.7 percent and 21 percent respectively.
The report further noted that the annual GVA per worker in Delhi was estimated at Rs 2.39 lakh as compared to Rs 1.03 lakh at all India level. Delhi reported the 2nd highest GVA per worker after Goa (Rs 2.56 lakh). The corresponding figure was for other states like Chandigarh Rs 1.76 lakh, Haryana Rs 1.6 lakh, Punjab Rs 1.25 lakh, Rajasthan Rs 1.2 lakh and Uttar Pradesh Rs 76,762.
"Estimated GVA per enterprise was estimated at Rs 5,78,303 in Delhi in comparison to Rs 1,81,908 at All India Level. Again, Delhi reported the 2nd highest GVA per enterprise after Goa (Rs 5.85 lakh). The corresponding figure was for other neighbouring states/ UTs like Chandigarh Rs 4.04 lakh, Haryana Rs 3.15 lakh, Punjab Rs 2.11 lakh, Rajasthan Rs. 2.08 lakh and Uttar Pradesh Rs 1.40 lakh," said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia after publishing the report.
He also said that the average annual emoluments per hired worker in Delhi were Rs 1.17 lakh as compared to Rs 87,544 at All India level. For other neighbouring states, the figure was for Chandigarh Rs 93,372, Haryana Rs 1.24 lakh, Punjab Rs 78,713, Rajasthan Rs 93,893 and Uttar Pradesh Rs 58,669.
Earlier, the all India report noted that the number of unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises excluding construction, grew by 27 per cent to Rs 6.34 crore in 2015-16, compared to Rs 5 crores during 2010-11, according to the 73rd round of survey by NSSO, indicating a further growth in the informal sector.

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