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City to get 1.4 lakh additional CCTV cameras by yr end: CM

NEW DELHI: To ensure the safety of women in the Capital the Delhi Cabinet on Thursday approved the installation of 1.4 lakh more CCTV cameras across the city, announced Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The work of CCTV installation is already going on in the city with the addition of these new cameras the city will get in total 2.8 lakh CCTV cameras. "Delhi becomes the first city in the world where the government is installing nearly three lakh CCTVs in one go to ensure women safety and to provide a major push to infrastructure. There may be more CCTVs in other cities but Delhi is the first city where three lakh CCTVs are coming up in a single go," said the Chief Minister.

Announcing the decision, the Chief Minister said that over the past few months, 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras are being installed across all 70 Vidhan Sabhas in the city. Two thousand cameras are being installed in each Vidhan Sabha. The public response about these CCTV cameras has been overwhelmingly positive. "These cameras have already started helping local authorities

to nab thieves and miscreants. But 2,000 cameras for each Assembly may not suffice. Today the Cabinet has approved the purchase of 1.4 lakh more CCTV cameras. The tender process will now follow and the additional 1.4 lakh cameras will also begin to be installed in the next 3-4 months," said CM Kejriwal.

He added that a total of 2.8 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed by the end of this year. This was a major commitment of this government to the people. Whatever we can do towards ensuring women's security is being done by us. Just this one step will lead to a lower crime rate in the city. Presently work of Phase-I is in progress in compliance of decision of Counsel of

Ministers, in which it was decided the Public Works Department will implement the project of installation of CCTV Cameras throughout Delhi. "A team of representatives of four agencies namely, Residential Welfare Association (or market Association), Local Police, PWD and installation Engineer, will together decide the number of

CCTV required and their locations. This plan will be presented in the GBM of that RWA to invite objections or

suggestions. After incorporating suggestions or objections, the final plan will be made by a team of four," said a senior official.

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