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Child rapists should get death penalty: DCW chief

NEW DELHI: The eight-month-old girl raped in Delhi has suffered internal injuries, stated Delhi Commissioner of Woman (DCW) chairperson Swati Jai Hind on Wednesday, adding that child rapists should be given death penalty.
The Commission on Wednesday launched a Satyagraha here, urging the Centre and the state to address the issue of rising rapes of children in the city and the country.
"She has gone through immense pain, her internal organs are damaged. They will take a long time to heal. She is so small. It is horrific what she's gone through," Jai Hind said, calling for a change in the law to deter such attacks.
"There should be a law for criminals of child rape, under which they should get death sentence in six months," said the DCW chief.
She also announced that a DCW will not go home for the next 30 days and work day and night as a mark of protest.
Jai Hind said that the silence of the Centre, which is responsible for maintaining law and order, in Delhi, is deafening.
Meanwhile, investigating the latest attack, Delhi Police said they have charged the victim's 28-year-old cousin after he confessed to the crime.
However, the DCW chief said that delays in delivering justice was a key factor due to which the dangerously high number of sexual crimes against women and girls still persist.
"The fact is that an eight-month-old baby has been raped. The doctors have given that testimony," she said, adding that DCW will take the Satyagraha to households in Delhi and ensure that over 1 lakh signatures reach the Prime Minister on this issue.
Nearly 11,000 cases of child rape were reported in India in 2015, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. It stated that three children were raped each day in Delhi alone.
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