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Cheat who targeted Delhi, Chandigarh banks arrested

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police has arrested a cheat Deepak, a resident of Panipat Haryana in connection with five cheating cases registered in Delhi, Chandigarh and Haryana.

The cheat worked with a unique modus operandi and convinced an employee of a firm that he was a bank employee after the bank refused to deposit the money at the Connaught Place branch as he was late.

The accused disguised as bank employee advised him to contact Branch Manager or any other higher officer of the bank.

The top most officer of the branch was not present in his cabin so the accused person convinced the complainant to go upstairs to deposit the cash there in the allied branch of the bank.

The unknown person told the complainant not to deposit the lump sum amount with his own as the bank official would ask the reason for such a big amount to be deposited in the account.

So, he opined that both of them would deposit Rs. 5 lakhs each in the same account by filling up separate deposit slips.

The unknown person filled up a deposit slip first and took Rs. 5 lakhs from the complainant but did not deposit the amount in the account with cashier.

"While the complainant was busy in filling up the deposit slip the unknown person finding an opportunity slipped from the spot and ran away with the cheated cash i.e. Rs. 5 lakhs," said Madhur Verma, DCP New Delhi.

The accused was nabbed from Shalimar Garden Area Ghaziabad, UP.

The accused was found to indulge in Satta rackets since 24 years of age nad was habitual to gambling untill he opted the way cheating the bank customers.

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