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Cattle smugglers shoot at 2 female NRIs in Ggn

Gurugram: The risk to the safety of citizens by cattle smugglers was once again highlighted after a group of assailants shot at two British female Non Resident Indians (NRIs).
Police said that the incident was reported at Sohna road on Monday evening. Sonia Sharma along with her colleague Archie Baranwal were driving towards Mewat when they saw the cantor having a Rajasthan number plate carrying the animals in extremely exploiting conditions.
According to the police, when the women tried to inform the men in the truck about, they in turn fired a gun shot at them that fortunately missed by a whisker. Not being intimidated from the brazenness of their attackers, the two followed the truck and during their chase also contacted the police through the helpline number. In order to stop the two following them, the men in the truck even flunged one animal from the heavy vehicle so that the speed of the car slows down.
Police said that since the cantor was being run on rims and not proper wheels, the attackers ultimately had to abandon their vehicle and flee from the spot.
Police have rescued the animals in the truck and those who were thrown away by the smugglers.
They have also seized the gun from which they shot at the women.
There have been various incidents in the past when cattle smugglers have attempted murderous assault on not only normal residents but also the law enforcement officials whenever they have been inhibited from their act.
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