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Cases of Fake Indian Currency Note decline this year

New Delhi: After demonetisation, 42 cases of Fake Indian Currency Note (FICN) were reported in the year 2017. Not only that more than 700 cases were reported on Arms Act and more than 300 cases were registered under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS).
The police data accessed by Millennium Post stated that in the year 2015 around 69 cases of FICN was reported whereas in the year 2016 it was 80 cases but after the demonetization and due to the tight vigil of Delhi Police on the illegal supply of FICN up to October 31, 2017 was 42 cases. Several people were also arrested in the case as in 2015, around 38 in 2016 around 40 and 19 people were arrested in 2017.
Investigators in Delhi Police said that demonetization had affected the illegal business of FICN as they saw no movement in four to five months in the route of FICN.
Several incidents of circulation of fake Indian currency notes have come to light after demonetization move of the government and most of them were printed in the country with the help of the computer, printer and scanner one such was busted in Dwarka area.
A police official stated that the earlier route of pumping fake Indian Currency note to India was Pakistan-Bangladesh-Nepal-India.
Moving on to the Arms Act cases, in 2015 around 700 cases were reported while in 2016 more than 600 cases were reported whereas in 2017 (till 31 October) more than 750 cases came to light. The arrests were also high as around 811 were arrested in 2015 whereas 782 in 2016 and more than 900 were nabbed this year.
In three years, more than 2100 firearms were recovered whereas more than 14000 ammunition was recovered whereas more than 600 sharp-edged weapons have been recovered by city police. According to the police official, the demonetization had also affected the illegal arms trafficking racket as they have not seen any movement till four to five months on the routes of illegal business.
Under NDPS act, Delhi Police registered 277 cases in 2015, 297 cases in 2016 and 303 cases in 2017 whereas 354 persons were arrested in 2015, more than 380 persons were arrested in 2016 and till 31 October more than 390 accused were nabbed by police.
More than five crores of FICN was recovered in 2016 whereas in 2017 more than six crores of FICN have been recovered.
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