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Car with Bluetooth, flat tyre foil kidnapping bid

NEW DELHI: A car equipped with high-end technology goofed up the plans of the kidnappers who attempted to abduct a businessman to get a hefty ransom in Rohini on Tuesday.
The kidnappers were caught off-guard when they barged into the car of Nitish Arora, who was having a telephonic conversation with a friend via the Bluetooth hands-free in his car.
The kidnappers did not realise that Arora was on the phone and his friend was clever enough to figure out something was wrong with his friend. Acting swiftly, he informed Arora's family, who in turn alerted the cops and a rescue operation followed.
When Arora was returning from his factory in Kundli Industrial area on August 29 and entering Delhi, he noticed that his car was hit by another car from behind.
Little did he know this was a tactic used by the kidnappers – who had planned to get into an argument with him in order to kidnap him – and the unsuspecting businessman also fell into their trap.
"I slowed my car and lowered my window to match the speed of the other car. For a moment, I thought it was my fault.
"But soon, two men got out from that car and stuck their hands in the small opening between my window and the door to force it open. Suddenly, another man opened my car from behind and got inside, and I realised I was being kidnapped," said Arora.
The men then tied him up, shut his mouth, and locked him in the trunk of the car.
Arora's friend, on the other side of the phone, overheard the struggle, and realised something "bad" was happening in the car.
He immediatedly informed Arora's family, who in turned called the police. To add to their woes, the kidnappers also soon noticed a flat tyre and had to stop to replace it.
By this time, the cops began tracking the car through the GPS device placed in it.
"The location of the victim's car was tracked through electronic surveillance and the police party reached the spot within minutes, where the accused persons were changing a flat tyre of the car." said DCP Rohini, Rishipal.
Following a shootout, the accused were overpowered and caught, and Arora was rescued.
Locked in the boot of his car, help turned up swiftly for bizman
NEW DELHI: Young businessman Nitish Arora had the scare of his life on Tuesday, when some unknown men overpowered him, tied him up and put him into the trunk of his own car, all the while openly discussing plans of kidnapping him and demanding a hefty ransom.
Frightened by their aggressive behaviour, Arora could only hope for a miracle to happen. Luckily for him, something wrong did happen with the car after a while.
"It was a flat tyre and I was a bit relieved. However, I thought they might kill me," Arora told Millennium Post. Little did Arora know that several teams of Delhi Police were already tracing and following his car, through his cell phone and the GPS device fit in the car.
With the kidnappers having to get out of the car to change the tyre, police got enough time to cach up to them.
"Suddenly, I heard my uncle's voice and some gunshots being fired. I knew help was near," says Arora.
When the cops told the criminals to turn themselves in, they opened fire at the police team. In the retaliatory fire, one kidnapper was shot in the leg.
"Two accused persons, including the injured criminal, were arrested and the victim was rescued from the boot of the car. One loaded pistol, along with two live cartridges, were recovered from the criminals" said DCP Rohini, Rishipal.
"Had the cops not acted swiftly, I would have been dead by now. I thank Delhi Police for their swift action," said the rescued businessman.
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