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'By deleting 30 lakh names from voter lists, BJP trying to snatch people's right to vote'

By deleting 30 lakh names from voter lists, BJP trying to snatch peoples right to vote

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party, under the leadership of AAP's South Delhi Lok Sabha in-charge Raghav Chadha and Tughlakabad MLA Sahiram Pehelwan on Sunday hosted a mega 'Samvidhan Samman Sabha' at Harkesh Nagar, near Sabji Mandi in Tughlakabad Vidhansabha to expose BJP's ploy. The sabha was attended by thousands of residents from the area.
 'To the goons of BJP in South Delhi I say, Na Darunga, Na Daranedunga," said Chadha.

"Yet another matter of concern that was discussed was BJP's tactic to divide people on the basis of regions by spewing venom and targeting people of Purvanchal across India. The recent and shameful spate of instances of violence, harassment and even exodus of Purvanchalis from BJP-ruled states and sometimes by BJP leaders themselves clearly expose BJP's hatred for Purvanchalis," said the AAP leader.

He added that everybody has the right to vote. "By deleting 30,00,000 names from Delhi's voter lists, BJP is trying to snatch people's right to vote. Mass voter deletion is a gross violation of the constitutional rights of the people," said Chadha.

"Only a few months ago, BJP leaders had beaten up Purvanchalis on the streets of South Delhi and they continue to harass them. BJP leaders have created an environment of fear for Purvanchalis with violence and intimidation. Exodus of Purvanchalis from multiple BJP-ruled states also exposes their anti-Purvanchali mentality and snatches Purvanchalis constitutional rights of citizenship," said Chadha.

He also said that the BJP is again giving more power to the rich people of this country and sheds crocodile tears to the plight of the poor. "The 10% reservation bill is another ploy of appeasement before the elections. The bill is designed as such that it gives the 5% rich the benefit of reservation while 95% upper castes will compete for 10% quota," he added.

"In 2015, Mohan Bhagwat, who is the RSS chief, had said that he wants to end the reservation for scheduled castes. Now the BJP wants to snatch the constitutional right of reservation of people of the exploited and disadvantaged sections," he said.

"I have come to warn you that, the BJP wants to change the constitution of Baba Saheb Ambedkar and wants to strip SC / ST / OBC and Dalits from their constitutional rights. This is why we say, BJP bhagao, Samvidhan Bachao," Chadha said.

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