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Burglars mortgaged stolen jewellery at Muthoot Finance, nabbed

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police arrested a gang of burglars who kept the stolen jewellary mortgaged with Muthoot finance. The Delhi police arrested the two criminals Sourav and Ajeet Chauhan have been arrested and one juvenile has been apprehended.

The criminals were tracked by police after a theft at Khanpur in which the burglars took away expensive jewellery and other valuables. CCTV in the locality were checked and one accused was captured in CCTV installed in the locality while taking away the stolen box.

The CCTV was procured and Ct Ajay made efforts to identify the accused and after efforts the alleged identified as Sourav and his associate Ajeet Chauhan.

On the instance of accused persons total 11 cases of theft and burglary have been worked out and 9 mobile phones, Stolen clothes of the complainant, purse with Credit and credit cards, Gold Jewellery- Weight about 250 grams , Silver Jewellery- about 550 grams and Rs. 5,200 cash has been recovered from his possession.

Both accused were previously found involved in 3 cases of theft and burglary.

"It is found that the duo mortgaged the jewellery at Muthoot finance after they broke into houses and stole valuables including god and silver jewellery," said DCP South Vijay Kumar.

This is not the first time criminals have been caught mortgaging jewellery at Muthoot finance. The question is if the procedure is too easy for even the criminals to mortgage stolen jewellery. All you need to do is have an identity proof and fill a declaration form to mortgage the gold you have with Muthoot.

"The problem lies with the procedure as Muthoot does not do any verification from where the gold is coming from. They just ask the potential customer to fill a declaration form and mortgage their gold items," said a senior police officer.

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