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Burglars make merry in Ggn, 1,400 theft cases filed in 2018

Burglars make merry in Ggn, 1,400 theft cases filed in 2018

Gurugram: Burglars in Gurugram continue to rule the roost with over 1,400 cases of thefts being reported in 2018. The following data was provided by the Gurugram police on Friday. The Gurugram police commissioner KK Rao claimed that there were still over 50 gangs small and big that are involved in the crime of burglary.

Even though the district police solved the cases in 2018, the robbers were successfully able to snatch Rs 37 lakh from a gas dealer and also able to steal jewellers worth Rs 12 crore from a prominent jewellery showroom. Moreover, the burglars this year also showed the audacity to successfully commit thefts from the houses of top politicians and bureaucrats in the city.

There was also a large number of vehicle thefts in 2018 as over 3,600 cases were registered. "There is a lot of planning that goes by the automobile thieves in their implementation. Based on the planning and information they gather most of the robbers choose the place, time and even victims to carry out the crime," said Shamsher Singh ACP (crime), Gurugram police, who was present with the Gurugram police commissioner. "The stolen vehicles are then taken to their areas where robbers make the profit based on the valuations of the vehicle. In certain occasions, the profit remains as low as Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 in selling the vehicular spare parts," he added

The silver lining was that compared to 2017, there was a slight reduction in the cases in 2018. In all, over 33,000 FIRs were filed this year by Gurugram police in which the district police acted in over 30,000 cases successfully. On the issue of crimes against women, the Gurugram police commissioner highlighted that the number of cases though increased, there were also a large number of fake cases that were discarded in the court of law.

The head of the 2,500-strong police force, however, cautioned that this year cyber crime proved to be a major Achilles heel for his department. Not only this time was there a large number of cases amounting to ATM thefts, cases of cloning of debit and credit cards also showed an upward trend.

With 200 crimes registered on monthly basis, there were over 3,400 cases registered in 2018. These were way above the previous figures of 3,200 cases that were filed in 2018. While in 2017, there were 1,848 of these forms of crimes that were registered at the cyber crime branch this year, the data was recorded in 1,905 cases. "Cyber crimes definitely is a major law and order challenge. We have taken cognisance of this issue and with the cooperation of other departments, and are now able to ensure that the criminals do not succeed in their motive," said KK Rao. There was also less number of accidents on Gurugram roads. While in 2017, there were 1,242 cases of road accidents, in 2018 there were over 1,000 cases of road mishaps. To ensure more transparency, there will be 200 web cameras that will be installed by the Gurugram police.

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