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Burglars' car helps police solve Rs 50 lakh jewellery theft

NEW DELHI: When the burglars struck at a house in Anand Vihar and stole jewellery worth approximately Rs 50 lakh little, did they know that their choice of vehicle would ease police efforts to arrest them. When the police found out that the burglars came into a Scorpio vehicle, they tracked the number to Sangam Vihar. Soon, the Shahdara police had their men. On February 18, a burglary took place at Ram Vihar, Anand Vihar, Delhi in which lots of diamond and gold jewellery approximately worth Rs 50 lakh was burgled along with cash Rs 4 lakh.
During the investigation, place of offence was examined. CCTV cameras of the area and technical surveillance have also been analyzed. During the analysis, it was found that burglars used one Scorpio vehicle to commit the crime. Hence, ownership of the vehicle was obtained and found that owner of Scorpio Ramesh Soni a resdent of Sangam Vihar, Delhi. Accused persons were identified and raids were conducted at the said address but accused person had already escaped from there.
It was on march 11 , that the police team got secret infrmation that to sell the stolen property the accused Ranjit Soni would come at Govind Puri Metro Station. At the instance of informer, raiding party apprehended the accused Ranjit Soni, aged 32 years. After that, vehicle (Scorpio) was recovered from the parking of Govind Puri Metro Station and burgled jewellery of worth Rs. 38 lakhs approximately was recovered from his possession.
On the secret information, another accused Vimal Kumar also a resident of Sangam Vihar, New Delhi aged 21 years was also arrested and burgled jewellery worth two lakhs approximately was recovered from his possession.
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