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Burgeoning population stopping DDA from locating landfill sites

NEW DELHI: Officials of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) claim that the increasing population of the city has made their job of locating land for landfill sites nearly impossible.
After the Ghazipur landfill caved in, DDA was criticised for failing to provide lands to civic authorities to build up new landfills in the city.
"The city population is increasing and nobody wants a landfill beside their house," said a senior DDA official.
The official explained that in the past few years, places like East Delhi have become more populated than before, and this is a normal trend for the city.
"With population, garbage is also increasing. But the land is limited," he said.
He observed that areas in east Delhi have become more residential and many housings, single houses and flats have come up in the area.
Many of these places are suffering from illegal occupancy but due to limitation, authorities are unable to take action against them.
"We had provided three spots to EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporatoin) earlier. But after the survey and discussions with local bodies, they failed to move further," he said.
Officials added that due to diseases like dengue and chikungunya, people have become more conscious about garbage deposition."People have become paranoid about garbage," said an official, adding that DDA too has limitations.
Though vacant, places near Yamuna are not feasible to provide either, due to environmental concerns.
According to the official, the Authority is working hard to find land on the outskirts of the city, and areas like Bawana are its prime target. "For landfills, we also need places where big trucks can reach. In the outskirts, the conditions of road are very bad," he said.
However, officials assured that within some months they will be able to give space for landfills to ensure a clean city.
The DDA will hold a meeting the Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, the chairman of the body. The meeting will also be attended by Delhi government and civic body officials, where problems on land disposal will be taken up.
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