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Building collapse: Stray dog miraculously survives

Building collapse: Stray dog miraculously survives

Gurugram: Even though at around 10:00 am the chances of survival of all those trapped inside the collapsed Ullhawas building seemed bleak, miracle did happen on January 24. The NDRF professional was able to give a new lease of life to a living being, a stray dog, the lone survivor that came out practically unhurt from the rubble which was rescued in mid-afternoon.

Interestingly, seven people who were living in the building may have got an inkling about the building's ill-fated collapse as they were all living on the top floors and ran towards the ground floor to escape. Most of them were able to reach the ground floor but were unable to save themselves as all the four layers of rubble crashed upon them.

Not only a hefty price in terms of men and material was spent on the rescue operations in the Ullhawas building collapse but at the end of the day it cannot compensate for the loss of the human lives.

After the effort of more than 300 professionals on the ground and after clearing four layers of rubble seven bodies were retrieved from the debris.

Three people who lost their lives in the incident were teenagers with the median age of the deceased pegged at 22 years.

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