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BJP will change constitution, end polls if it comes to power: Kejriwal

BJP will change constitution, end polls if it comes to power: Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Modi-Shah duo is the biggest threat to the country. "Shah had recently declared in a rally that if BJP wins in 2019, they'll stay in power for another 50 years. This is part of BJP's scheme. Just like Hitler had done in Germany, BJP is also planning to amend the constitution and eventually abolish the practice of elections altogether! If Modi comes to power again, BJP will change the constitution and end democracy and elections altogether," Kejriwal said.

In a series of meetings over the Lok Sabha polls in Delhi, a meeting was organized on Sunday at the Chief Minister's residence, to discuss poll strategy on the North-East Delhi Lok Sabha. Kejriwal said that the need of the hour is to come together and save the nation from such nefarious forces. "It is our duty and responsibility to come to the defence of our constitution. We must rise to the occasion and go door to door and expose BJP's dangerous ploy," he said.

Delhi State Convenor Gopal Rai said that it is imperative that we send representatives from amongst ourselves to raise pertinent issues in the parliament. "It is our duty to ensure that we vote and send good and capable candidates to the Parliament. We have the right opportunity now as the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are approaching. Congress has no presence in Delhi. Only AAP is capable of defeating the BJP in the upcoming elections. We must ensure that we send 7 MPs from AAP to the parliament who may voice the issues of the people," Rai added.

"BJP is willing to cross all limits in their thirst for power. The BJP conspired against the people of Delhi and deleted 30 lakh names from the electoral rolls of Delhi. They did this not only in Delhi but in other states of the country as well. It is high time that we give back to BJP and expose their schemes in public," Gopal Rai said.

Dilip Pandey, AAP Lok Sabha in-charge of the North-East Delhi, addressing the volunteers said, "the atmosphere in Delhi clearly indicates that the Aam Aadmi Party is winning all the seven seats. But that doesn't mean we can take a backseat. Rather we need to double our efforts to save the nation from the dictatorial attitude of the Modi- Shah duo." "There is a positive feeling among the citizens of Delhi due to the works done and the performance of the Aam Aadmi Party. Surveys across Delhi reveal that Delhi wants all 7 MPs from the Aam Aadmi party," he said.

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