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BJP responsible for deletion of 30 lakh voters' names: AAP

BJP responsible for deletion of 30 lakh voters names: AAP

NEW DELHI: The ruling AAP on Wednesday said that the BJP is responsible for 30 lakh voters' name being deleted from the Delhi voter list.

"Free and fair elections are the basis of any democracy. Electoral rolls, uncompromised, are essential to these elections. But for the past few months, we have been continuously exposing wrongful deletions of voters from the voter lists across Delhi through multiple press conferences. The said deletions follow a comprehensible pattern which clearly indicates that BJP, in collusion with certain officers in the Election Commission is responsible for mass targeted voter deletion in Delhi," AAP leader Raghav Chadha said.

It's well known that the Modi government and seven MPs from BJP not only have failed to serve the people who elected them, they have instead indulged in anti people activities. The BJP have stalled Mohalla Clinic files, CCTV camera files among other

pro people initiatives of the Delhi Government through the Lieutenant Governor, he further added.

"Seeing that their anti people agenda stands totally exposed, they have gauged that they are in for a humiliating defeat in the upcoming general elections. In their desperation to retain power, they have resorted to an illegal and unconstitutional method of rigging the elections. They have got more than 30 lakh voters deleted from their respective electoral rolls," he said.

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