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B'deshi national involved in theft cases arrested

New Delhi: A Bangladeshi national involved in theft cases was arrested by south Delhi police near the Mehrauli-Badarpur road near Saket Metro Station.
According to police, the accused disclosed the name of his gang leader as Mota Bhai who planned to rob ATM machines in Goa.
As per the plan, they went to Goa and targeted the ATM machines where no security guards were deployed. At the outset, they stole a rickshaw from the nearby place and then uprooted the ATMs of ICICI and SBI banks.
They loaded the uprooted ATM machine in the stolen rickshaw and took it to an abandoned place where they broke open the ATM machine and stole all the money.
He further disclosed that since all the gang members of their gang have their residence in Delhi, they came back to Delhi after committing the crime.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Ishwar Singh stated that accused identified as Suhag was a Bangladeshi national.
He came to Delhi along with his parents, a few years ago and started rag picking.
Initially, he indulged in petty crimes. Later, he came in contact with the members of Mota Bhai gang and joined them in crime.
Police claimed that on July 14, culprits had uprooted an ATM machine which was installed in Usagaon, Goa and cash Rs 3,90,800 were stolen.
Similarly, in another incident, culprits again uprooted the ATM installed in Agarwada, Goa and cash Rs18.3 lakh were stolen.
The arrest was made on September 23 and at the instance of accused, stolen cash Rs 1, 98,000, two mobile phones, 13 silver utensils and six wristwatches were recovered.
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