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Autos, SUVs a hit among MCG campaigners

Gurugram: Having got less time to acquaint themselves with the voters, the candidates are now trying to make themselves known to maximum number of voters in their wards. In the process, autos and SUV's have again become a popular medium for the candidates to campaign. Not only major political parties like BJP but even independents are using this medium asking voters to votes for them.
For promoting the candidate among the masses, the posters of the candidates are pasted and flags of the parties or the individual candidate's symbol are been put up.
Besides these measures, most of the vehicles have installed loudspeakers where the work of the candidates is mentioned in the form of jingles. With most of the candidates having paucity of time and not able to meet all the voters, this medium has proved to be popular and cost effective for the contestants.
The campaigning process will culminate today at 5 pm. The voting and counting process will be on September 24.
While some of the drivers are being paid for the campaigning process, there are some who say that they are doing it out of their own will.
"This is my way of being a part of the political process. I am not doing it for money but because I believe in the candidate and have confidence that if elected he will work for the betterment of the citizens of the city," said Mahender, an auto driver, who has installed loudspeakers in the auto that highlights the work of the independent candidate.
"Even though it proves to be irritating at times, this is Indian democracy at its best. Besides getting to hear and know about the candidate, you are also being constantly asked to cast your vote in the upcoming civic elections," said Kuldeep Rana, a city resident.
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