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Auto was standing at red light: Eyewitness

Auto was standing at red light: Eyewitness

New Delhi: Rajkumar who works in the horticulture department in Chanakyapuri was just walking when he heard a strong thud. What he saw next was the most horrific sight of his life. A speeding Bentley car has rammed a stationary auto which was standing at a red light. The impact was so hard that two persons one woman and the auto driver were thrown out of the auto while two women were struck in the badly damaged auto. "The two women were badly struck. We have to try hard to get them out of the auto. They were critical because of the impact of the collision. The auto driver and another woman were thrown out with the impact," said Rajkumar.

Soon, people gathered at the sight and the accused later identified as Asees Singh Chaddha came out of the Bentley. It is said that two Punjab Policemen were also in the car, one of whom was in uniform. On being asked if Asees tried to flee the crime scene Rajkumar said " No, he didn't. He did not run. He was with the two men who also were inside the car. One of them was a Sikh Policeman and one in plain clothes," Rajkumar said.

Asees was also roughed up by the passerby after he came out of his SUV before being handed over to the police. The women were immediately bundled into an auto to be

rushed to a hospital however, later were shifted to the ambulance and rushed to AIIMS Trauma center.

Soon, the injured women later identified a Alma Gul Atayeba (33), Gulshat Alijanova (51) and Gulia Yyam (55). The driver of the three-wheeler was identified as Raghubir Singh, a resident of Sangam Vihar in south Delhi. Alijanova succumbed to her injuries while the other three are in critical condition at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, police said.

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