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Audacious gangsters giving Gurugram Police sleepless nights

Gurugram: The incident of shooting in broad daylight last Friday, where gangsters allegedly belonging to the Kaushal gang shot at a businessman demanding an extortion money of Rs 60 lakh, has raised concerns among citizens once again.
Four months ago, a similar incident was reported, wherein an accountant of a bakery was intimidated by members of Gujjar gang.
In the past, six major gangs have been active in and around Gurugram, namely Manjeet Mahal gang, Kaushal gang, Kishan gang, Hayatpuri gang, Sandeep Gadoli gang and Binder Gujjar gang.
Most members from these gangs have been charged with serious offences like extortion, burglary and murder. These gangs have various cases filed in different states like Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.
The heads of the leading gangs have either been arrested or in some cases eliminated either by law enforcement officials or in inter-gang rivalries.
However, a well-knit network of these gangs is still functional in other parts of the state.
Recently, the Special Task Force arrested a man who came from Rohtak to bump off his rival.
Moreover, most members of these gangs have now formed their own outfits and shifted to other criminal activities, including drug peddling.
Sources in Gurugram Police maintain that there has been a drop in the danger posed by deadly gangs that in the past had terrorised the Millennium City.
However, sources also conceded that the danger of organised gangs is yet to be fully resolved. They claimed that more than the big gangs now it is the small gangs that have emanated from these groups that are proving to be a major law and order challenge.
There are over 200 such gangs that are believed to be active in the city.
Most of the gangs consist of six to 10 members. The number of the members in the gangs increase as the group expands.
Out of 200 such gangs, most members come from the region of Mewat and villages of Rajasthan bordering South Haryana.
"Each official in the district police is well trained to deal with the deadly criminals. Even as challenges remain, the police have reduced the influence which these gangs used to possess at one point of time," said a senior police official from Gurugram police.
"As compared to the big gangs that are involved in real estate and liquor business, these small gangs are thriving on small scale crimes," he further added.
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