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Attack on colleague: Doctors of Hindu Rao may strike work

New Delhi: Resident doctors working in Hindu Rao hospital may go on strike in protest against the brutal attack at their colleague doctors working in the emergency section of the Hindu Rao hospital, while demanding a few armed guard at the casualty of the Hindu Rao Hospital. Moreover, doctor association has also informed that if their demand would not meet, doctors will not work.

"A 45-year-old female Raj Bala, a known case of chronic kidney disease at fifth stage was on maintenance hemodialysis reached the emergency ward of the Hindu Rao hospital, where she had been given a immediate treatment but due to last stage the patient body did not respond to the medicine and succumb to her ailment," a resident doctor said.

"The patient had been on dialysis for last two years but due to inadvertent advise of the quack, she had stopped undergoing with the regular dialysis process and when her condition got deteriorated again, she rushed to the medical emergency, where medical reports showed her keratin level crossed the standard mark," he added.

The doctor said, "As soon as the patient was declared dead, a mob appeared in the medical emergency and starting hurling abuse and simultaneously, brutally attacked the doctor on duty." The doctors also said that it is regular incident faced by the doctors on duty.

The RDA demands proper security to be provided in the hospital wards, emergency, OPDs and causality, so that further mishap like this could be prevented. The association also added that medical staff need more security during night shifts, so that during such incident they can act swiftly to curb the menace of the patient attendants at the hospital.

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