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At govt schools, no standing in queues for admission paper work

At govt schools, no standing in queues for admission paper work

NEW DELHI: For the admission in Delhi government schools, if a child's name is selected then from now onwards there would not be any need for the parents to come and fill the forms, but the officials would reach out to the parents with all the documents. This process would be initiated in this admission season on pilot basis and if successful then it would become the system from the next season.

After the lucky draw, the school management would make the list of students who would be in the part of the final admission process. The school management committee would reach out to the families of the selected students and would also brief them about the required papers. Thereafter the officials will reach out to the homes of the students and will collect the documents and prepare all the necessary papers needed for the admission of the students.

Finally, all the documents of the students would be placed in front of the school principal who will scrutinise all the documents and take the decision. After the final decision, the students would get the call to visit the school along with the parents. For this season of the admission, the government will only launch this scheme for around 15 schools and after the whole admission process the school management committees will send the reports of the outcome to the Directorate of Education which would be then presented to the education minister Manish Sisodia who would take the final decision. If the outcome of the project is successful then from the next season all the government schools will follow this method for the admission process.

"After the doorstep delivery of the services scheme, there was a demand to bring this system on the education department also. Admission process in the schools brings a lot of hazards to the parents. The education minister suggested this scheme to see if we can ease the process," said an official. He added that the education department before taking the decision also met the people from the school managing committees who agreed with the department that this plan can be executed with the limited power options the schools have. "We are yet to finalise the list of the schools but by the end of this month we could finalise the list," said the official.

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