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As Gurugram reels under water crisis, private water tankers make a killing

Gurugram: As the shortage of water supply becoming a recurrent problem in the Millennium city, the private water tankers are making money from the residents by taking advantage of the prevalent water crisis.

Even as there are frequent complaints of private water tankers charging exorbitant sums, most of the city residents are forced to pay the monetary sum because of having no water supply in their households.

The problem of shortage of water supply and low pressure of water is being faced by the citizens frequently during the peak summer seasons of May and June.

However, this year large parts of the city are facing with water crisis from April itself due to developmental works and shifting of water pipelines happening in the city.

Most of the troubled residents have highlighted that most of the private tankers are charging around Rupees one thousand to one thousand five hundred for filling just one water tanker.

There have also been complaints that most of the private tankers do not fill the complete tanker by citing a shortage of water.

Large parts of the city like Sector 22, 23, 56, 54, Sushant Lok, South City and phases of DLF have been facing water crisis for a long time.

"Over the years the tanker mafia has only strengthened in the city. It is only expected to strengthen further with no emphasis paid by public agencies towards enhancing the water supply infrastructure in the city. The peak summer seasons of May and June results in water crisis across different parts of the city. Breakages of water pipelines and lack of power to the electric pumps are some of the major factors towards the water crisis in the city. Amid all this the business of private tankers has only propagated in the city," said Ravinder Yadav resident of Sector 22.

"Today even as many residents know that they are being fleeced by the private tankers they cannot do anything about it because water is important to them. On various occasions most of the private tankers harass the residents by not coming at all and filling half the tankers and getting away with it," added Yadav.

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