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As BJP savours win, AAP mulls how to win back voters

As BJP savours win, AAP mulls how to win back voters
The day following counting was one of relaxation and chilling out for BJP leaders, members and grassroots workers and desperate introspection for the entire AAP fraternity.

Delhi BJP leaders on Thursday spent most of their time with party volunteers and expressing gratitude to the voters at their residences.

Revitalised by the victory of the saffron party under his leadership, Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari took to social media to express gratitude to the party supporters.

Later in the afternoon, the Delhi BJP President also expressed his grief over the passing away of Vinod Khanna, the veteran film actor who passed away on Thursday due to gall bladder cancer.

"Besides the able leadership, the massive victory of the party is also due to the continuous wok of our volunteers. I will spend some days with the volunteers. The schedule is going to become busy for us in the coming months as we will not have to elect the mayors, "said Subash Bhadana, the newly elected BJP councillor from Chittaranjan Park.

While, most of the Delhi BJP leaders and councillors were trying to come in terms by the massive victory achieved by them, mood at Congress headquarters was sombre.

"This is a difficult phase for the party. However, we will come out of this difficult situation soon. We hope that our leadership will now be able to effectively expose the corruption of BJP led MCD and administrative ineffectiveness of AAP," said Sanjay, a Congress workerStung by a big defeat, the AAP showed urgency on Thursday.AAP 'S National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal held a meeting with the party MLA'S to discuss the future course ahead.

"We hope to again win the trust of people by our work. Most of us are disappointed that we have not been able to do as well as we expected. We however hope that through our honest and hard work we will again win hearts of the people of Delhi," said Pooja Jakhar, the AAP MCD candidate who won Chirag Delhi seat by 73 votes.
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