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Animal cruelty: 13 stray dogs killed in posh Ggn locality

Gurugram: Cruelty to stray animals ranging to extreme levels was again seen in Gurugram. In the latest case, 13 stray dogs mostly puppies were killed in the posh locality of DLF Phase-I. A case has been registered in the DLF Phase-I police station.
The entire incident came to light on March 13 when the residents who used to feed the stray dogs did not find them and inquired from their neighbours about their whereabouts. It was later found out that the dogs were killed and then buried in the nearby plot. Subsequently, a case was registered against the unidentified people in the police station under sections 429 (act of killing or maiming animal) under Indian Penal Code and Section 11 (1) (a) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
The shocking case emerged just months after the report came to light that a private agency contracted by the Gurugram civic body was using sedatives to catch the monkeys. In the process, some of the monkeys also sustained severe injuries after they fell from a height after consuming the intoxicated matter. Some residents opposed the move and later the private agency was moved out.
In a bizarre case that was reported last year in May, a pet dog was not only abducted but it was also alleged that it was killed and later eaten by the kidnappers. The online campaign by the aggrieved owner of the dog highlighting the vulnerability of pets had received a favourable response from the net surfers. The increase in population of stray dogs especially in the residential colonies of Gurugram and their rising aggression has drawn divided opinions from various residents and dog lovers over the handling of stray dogs.
An RTI report recently revealed that in 2017 there were 7,113 cases of dog bites that were registered in Gurugram. These were 1,372 cases more than what was registered in 2016 which was at 5,741.
Further, constant barking during night time, dog fights and hygienic issues have also been raised by aggrieved residents.
According to an official estimates, there are over 50,000 street dogs. While concerns have been raised over the rising population of the stray dogs, there is also a lot of affection which is shown especially by residents that live in the same locality with the dogs.
"It is easy to blame the animals but humans are equally to responsible for the rising aggression. Many of us blamed over feeding of stray dogs but just imagine the plight of the dogs that are hungry for two days and their behaviour and compare them with the well fed dogs," said Shruti Khandelwal, a dog lover.

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