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Air purifying plants as Diwali gifts continue to be in vogue

Air purifying plants as Diwali gifts continue to be in vogue

Gurugram: It is that time of the year when there is an exchange of Diwali gifts between families, neighbors and friends. While Dry fruits, chocolate packets, and glassware items retain their popularity, there has been an addition in the list of offerings. Taking note of the poor air quality of Delhi- National Capital Region, most of the residents of Gurugram this time are presenting air purifying plants.

Not only are these proving to be reasonable but their significance on health accounts have grown manifolds over the years. At a time when air purifiers are still beyond the reach of many and are priced at a range of Rs 10,000 to Rs one lakh the focus is shifting towards these forms of plantations. A large number of buyers are frequenting the nurseries or even ordering such plants through the online platform.

The most popular of them includes Areca, Money and snake plants that have been identified as natural cleaners and an effective medium of tackling not only the outdoor but also indoor pollution.

Others include Bonsai, Aloe Vera and Azadirachta indica (popularly known as Neem). The cost per plants can be Rs 50 and extend up to Rs 700 and beyond.

The usage of air purifying plants has also gained popularity among the multinational companies in Gurugram with most of the offices using it in large numbers.

"While there is a lot of hue and cry on the state of outdoor pollution, the fact remains that even the indoor pollution is extremely poor. I, therefore, felt that this time presenting an air purifying plants can be one of the most relevant gifts, I present," said Geetika Khanna, a city resident

"You can have your opinion of whether it can prove its utility or not in cleaning the air but it also had an added advantage of providing greenery indoors, something that is fast diminishing in the urban landscape," she added.

It is significant to note that the popularity of green plants has only increased despite various air purifiers entering the market. Not only on festive occasions but air freshener plants is gaining a lot of traction over the years.



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