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AIIMS looks to promote treatment of facial injuries

New Delhi: Medical emergency management of trauma care is improving day by day. However, disability prevention and its secondary and tertiary level correction by correct treatment is yet to improve markedly, and when its comes to correcting facial defects or injuries, the Indian medical fraternity is struggling a bit.
Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here stated that around 30 per cent of road accident victims admitted to the hospital suffer from some form of serious facial injury or disfigurement.
However, people believe that treating them is near impossible. But doctors disagree. They said that people are not fully aware about maxillofacial trauma treatment.
Expert surgeons can repair facial injuries, such as a fractured jaw, and other injuries involving cheeks, nasal bones, eye sockets and forehead.
Doctors at the premier healthcare institution claim that around 40 per cent cases of maxillofacial trauma remain untreated due to various reasons.
Dr Ajoy Roychoudhary, Professor and Head, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, AIIMS, said that there is an urgent need for systematic approach to treating maxillofacial trauma, which includes fractures of jaws.
"Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of maxillofacial trauma," he said, pointing out that treatment of maxillofacial trauma is provided in different dental centers across India.
However, standard principle based treatment is not available in many centres, despite the guidelines available in the medical literature, he said.
"People take it very lightly, which leads to severe complications later in life. Most importantly, people are not aware about maxillofacial trauma treatment. People do not even know that their fractured jaws can be treated.
"The media can play a pivotal role in spreading awareness about maxillofacial trauma treatment. Both standard principle based treatment among young doctors and awareness among the masses is the need of the hour," Dr Roychoudhary further stated.
To raise awareness, the authorities at AIIMS trained around 60 doctors from the across country on Sunday, about latest technology in maxillofacial trauma treatment.
Under this continuing medical examination programme, the institute to integrate maxillofacial surgeons to become a part of emergency management team of facial trauma patients, as true facial cosmetic surgeons.
"Undergraduates attending the programme would be made aware of the steps to correctly diagnose a case, identify life threatening conditions in a polytrauma patient and follow a sequential treatment protocol for primary and secondary management of the face," said Dr Roychoudhary.
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