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After negligence, hospital removes stone, but raises bill of Rs 3.5L

New Delhi: A family from Narela alleged negligence by a private hospital in treatment of a senior citizen female who was left in a critical condition. The patient had come for the removal of gallbladder stone but suffered the infection in the hospital.

"The family alleges that they had taken her mother to Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute, after she complained of stomach ache. The doctors after the investigation suggested that the she had stone in her gall bladder and it could be removed through an easy procedure of surgery," said Ravinder Singh, patient's relative.

Ravinder Singh, the son of the patient, said that the doctor operated upon his mother on March 23 and after the observation, discharged her but soon, the patient started complaining about the severe pain in the stomach, which led to the deterioration of her condition.

"Following the worsening of patient's condition, we rushed to our nearby medical practitioner, where the doctor informed us that an infection was spread out at her stomach and also suspected that there might be chances of negligence in treatment. The doctor, advised us to return to same hospital to correct the misappropriate measures," Singh informed.

Singh, further alleged that the hospital re-admitted the patient but was not paying attention to her mother, moreover, the doctors could not specify what was wrong with her mother and patient's condition continued to deteriorate. "With the intervention of police, the hospital administration got serious and decided to re-operate the patient, while stating that the due to some reason the infection spread out and patient needs to undergo surgery again," Singh added.

He further said that after the operation, the hospital raised a bill of approx Rs 3,49,000 for correcting the measures of their negligence. "The patient is under the cashless scheme, neither the hospital is cooperating nor the issuing department is paying attention over the bill," said Singh.

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