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After leaving Child Care Institutions, youths battle emotional distress

After leaving Child Care Institutions, youths battle emotional distress

New Delhi: The youths after leaving the Child Care Institutions (CCIs) remain vulnerable, revealed the report of the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR). The child rights body will soon approach the Delhi government for the betterment of young adults.

The 68-page report, 'The Situation of Aftercare Youth in Delhi', which has been accessed by Millennium Post, revealed that the study was conducted among 47 young adults (care leavers) in the city. The sample was made up of 24 female and 23 male, between 17 and 29 years of age and who were earlier living in CCIs and now after attaining the 18 years of age left the institutions. "As many as 29 care leavers had received aftercare in some form or the other, 13 had not received any aftercare programme but were yet to receive any services or support," the report claimed. It further added that five remained unsure of their status as they had been enrolled in aftercare programmes but were yet to receive any services or support.

The study conducted by DCPCR with an NGO named Udayan Care further revealed that 11 out of 47 youths had completed their college graduation, while 15 out of 47 had completed 12th-grade schooling. However, 21 out of 47 care leavers interviewed had not even completed their 12th-grade studies, out of which 12 had obtained primary-level of education only.

The report further disclosed that 20 of 47 youths reported suffering from emotional or mental stress in the past month due to various factors like unemployment, family instability, domestic abuse. "28 out of 29 care leavers who received aftercare support lived either in accommodation provided by their aftercare organisations or rental apartments. As many as 15 youths reported that they had suffered from physical illness in the past year.

"It was also revealed that 11 of 15 care leavers facing physical health problems were females. Many had contracted sexually transmitted diseases," the report added.

It further added that 22 out of 47 youths had not come across viable employment opportunities after leaving their CCIs. "Although many care leavers were either employed or pursuing higher education to be adequate in achieving their academic or career goals," report stated.

Out of 47 care leavers, 26 of them had their own source of income. The rest were dependent on their CCI or aftercare organisation, friends and family for financial allowance or donations. "57 per cent care leavers reported that they were unable to make ends meet and often faced financial crisis," report claimed. As many as 77 per cent care leavers informed that the most reliable people in their lives were their peers and friends. However, 20 out of 29 who had received aftercare considered caregiver/mentor as reliable persons in their life. Most of the care leavers did not have a voters ID card. Ramesh Negi chairperson (DCPCR) emphasised on giving support to care leavers which will help in building their future.

Rita Singh, member DCPCR said," there should be Suvidha Kendra for these youths which will provide complete information and help to care leavers. We will approach government," said Singh adding that CCIs should track the youths who left institutions.

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