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After Jamia Nagar, ATM skimming gang strikes Patel Nagar this time

After Jamia Nagar, ATM skimming gang strikes Patel Nagar this time

New Delhi: When Jamia Nagar residents became victims of the ATM skimming gang and lost several lakh, it was considered that it might be the handiwork of some gang targeting a specific area, however, days after, Patel Nagar residents are feeling the heat as several people approached police claiming that their hard-earned money was fraudulently withdrawn.

All they are left with are multiple withdrawal messages and a run from Patel Nagar police station in Central Delhi to their respective bank branches.

At least 17 people have filed a complaint with Delhi Police that they account has been hacked and their money has been withdrawn without their knowledge.

Interestingly, all the withdrawal happened between August 30 and 31. When the complainant reached the police station they found that they were not alone but several others too have been duped with the similar modus operandi. Their ATM cards were allegedly cloned and money is withdrawn. This raises a serious question on the safety of money in the bank accounts as ATM skimming gangs are striking at will.

"If I keep my money in the bank and it gets stolen or fraudulently withdrawn, whose responsibility it is? Can we be held responsible? I have been duped of 25 thousand on August 30. It's my hard-earned money. I am running from Patel Nagar police station to bank branch now, no respite still," said a complainant.

Another complainant Nitin Saini says he is from Madhya Pradesh and was on a business trip to Delhi when he received messages that his 70 thousand rupees were withdrawn in multiple transactions between August 30 and 31st.

"We have received complaints of ATM frauds and illegal withdrawal of money from several residents. We are examining the cases," said a senior Police officer.

ATM skimming is a theft of card information, where a small device, known as a skimmer, is attached to the ATM to steal the information during a legitimate ATM transaction. As the card is swiped at the machine, the skimmer device captures the information stored on the card's magnetic strip which is later used for card cloning.

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