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After hot pursuit, Delhi Police recovers stolen car

New Delhi: The Delhi Police Control Unit (PCR) once again showed courage and presence of mind while chasing and arresting criminals.

In the first case, on the intervening night of May 12/13, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Pawan Kumar and driver constable Roshan were performing their duty on MPV at Holambi Kalan Metro Vihar, Delhi. At about 11:24 pm, they received a message from command room that one i20 Car has been snatched by a group of five-six boys near Barwala Red Light.

"The MPV staff was instructed to keep a watch for the snatched vehicle. In the meantime, they were again informed through wireless set that above said snatched car is approaching towards Holambi Kalan Metro Vihar, and were directed to remain alert and vigilant," police said.

Responding to the message and further inputs received, the PCR staff took strategic positions and as soon as the vehicle was seen approaching in their direction, they tried to stop the car near Jhanda Chowk Holambi Kalan, but the accused immediately took a turn towards Maan Public School and sped away.

The PCR staff started chasing the car and informed other PCR MPVs of the zone about the movements of the robbed car and asked them to cover the possible escape routes to intercept the car. On this, one PCR MPV consisting of staff ASI Sadan Kumar, Driver Constable Sandeep and Gunman Constable Neeraj joined the pursuit and traced the car near Maan Public School and intercepted the car from front side. Found them surrounded by the Police from both sides, the alleged robbers left the car and fled taking advantage of the darkness.

In another case, on May 13, the PCR MPV were present at its base in Office of Election Commissioner Delhi in Kashmiri Gate. At about 11.35 am, they noticed one person chasing two boys and shouting "chor-chor". Responding to the shout, SI Krishan Lal and ASI Kapil started chasing them and overpowered both the persons. After interrogation, both the persons were identified as Alauddin and Adil . Meanwhile, the person chasing and shouting also arrived there and introduced himself as Basant Singh, serving in Army.

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