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'Administrative delays will create problems for state'

Administrative delays will create problems for state

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during a session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly alleged that the BJP is after the AAP leaders like his deputy Manish Sisodia and Health Minister Satyendra Jain who was sent to jail without cause even though the BJP failed to provide any evidence of corruption against him.

"They arrested Satyendar Jain but they're yet to prove the charges of corruption of one a single penny against him. He is as honest as a human can be. He gave the concept of mohalla clinics to not just the country but to the world. Delhi is the only city in the world where any person, irrespective of their financial status, gets free treatment," he said.

The CM said that Jain gave the mohalla clinic model to the world while Sisodia ensured a bright future for 18 lakh children. "The BJP is after him now and they are saying they'll arrest him in August. I say it loud and clear — this man ensured a bright future for 18 lakh children, the day he is sent to jail will be the darkest in our history," he said.

The CM went ahead to talk about the administrative delays to create problems for the state government and said that he was invited to Singapore to explain the Delhi Model to the world but the BJP threw his file into a corner to stop him. "I think this is the first instance in the country where a Prime Minister is himself placing hurdles in a Chief Minister's foreign trip clearance," he added.

The CM said that when a person visits Delhi from another part of the country they are astonished to see that government schools, hospitals and mohalla clinics can be of such standards. "When they interact with the people, they tell them they get electricity 24x7 but they don't get any electricity bill. They show them their zero bill," he said.

"I am giving an open challenge to the BJP, which has 19 states under its rule. All your 19 states on one side and Delhi on the other. We will show 10 schools under our control. You can show 10 schools under yours," Kejriwal added.

He added that it is only AAP that the BJP seems to be afraid of and the two top leaders of the opposition are scared of it.

"Everyone seems to be afraid of the BJP. The times we are currently living in this country are a 'dark phase' for this nation. When the history of this dark period will be looked upon later in the future, the people fighting the current regime will be looked upon with respect, like the freedom fighters of the past. People like Satyendra Jain and Manish Sisodia who are bravely fighting against the BJP are the Bhagat Singhs of our times," he added.

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