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Accused were nabbed after James Bond-style chase

Accused were nabbed after James Bond-style chase
Following the attack on a German national in Kotwali on Friday, the Delhi police rolled themselves into professional detectives to nab the accused who attacked and robbed the foreigner.

After the team reached Pilibhit, they started studying the behavioural pattern of Rizwan whose rickshaw the foreigner boarded to reach ISBT. It is then when the incident took place.

The cops figured out the absurd habit of Rizwan where he told his sister, residing in Pilibhit, UP all the minute details of his daily routine.

The day he attacked the German, Benjamin Jasin in Delhi, Rizwan called his sister to inform her about the incident. However, his sister had auto recording application on her phone which was the first lead for the Delhi police. That is how the smart cops reached the residence of the accused. Reading the behavioural pattern, the investigators realised that Rizwan was obsessed in telling his sister all things he faced or experienced in the entire day.

The Delhi police team in Pilibhit decided to stay back, banking on the fact that the accused would give her a second call regarding his hideout. Interestingly, the cops noted that Rizwan abstained from using a mobile for the fear of being caught.

The investigation revolved around the landline number from which Rizwan used to call his sister. Soon, the cops searched the landline number and found it to be of a PCO in North-East Delhi.

The Delhi team of the investigators then zeroed in on the PCO and located in Usmanpur in North-East Delhi.

The case took a filmy turn when the cops dressed in civil attire camped at the PCO waiting for Rizwan. The wait came to an end when the disguised men spotted a man in mid-thirties approaching the PCO. Not sure if he was the accused, the waited for him to make the call. As soon as he dialed his sister's number in Pilibhit, the team at his house in Pilibhit confirmed it. This painted a clear picture for the team present at Usmanpur PCO.

"As Rizwan saw us in civil dress walking towards him, he grew suspicious and tried to run. However, we caught him after a chase," said a police source.

After Rizwan's arrest, he disclosed the location of the other accused Raj Kishore. Both the accused were arrested in less than 24 hours of the incident.

Rizwan and Raj Kishore attacked and robbed a German national on Friday night when he boarded Rizwan's rickshaw to go to ISBT. The cops have also recovered Jasin's belongings from the two miscreants. The accused have been sent to one-day police custody.
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