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AAP will defeat BJP in all 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi: CM

AAP will defeat BJP in all 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi: CM

NEW DELHI: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal has reiterated that a vote for Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha election will mean victory of BJP. He also asserted that his party will "fulfil its duty" of defeating the ruling party at the Centre in all seven parliamentary seats in Delhi.

The Aam Aadmi Party has begun its preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Its national convenor Arvind Kejriwal has started holding daily meetings with the MLAs and party office-bearers belonging to each Lok Sabha constituency from January 10 onwards until January 16.

Addressing party workers, the Chief Minister reminded them that it was their struggle that ensured the formation of the AAP government in Delhi. On Saturday, the AAP party held its meeting for the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency.

Kejriwal further added that the corrupt governments at the Centre would never want corruption to go from this country. "From the time my government was formed, the BJP-led central government ensured that they would not let us work for the people," he said.

"False cases were foisted against our MLAs and they were sent to jail. CBI was unleashed on me and my ministers, at our offices and homes. They failed miserably and despite all these hurdles, we have worked successfully towards improving the education and health scenario of Delhi," said AAP Convenor Kejriwal.

However, the dream of a corruption-free India still remains unfulfilled and we have to work harder to achieve it, he said.

"The Congress started the train of corruption and Prime Minister Modi is driving it now. The faces have changed but corruption remains. We all need to come together to free this country of the evils of corruption. We have done it before, when we overthrew the corrupt Congress regime in the last general elections. But even bigger goons have come to power," said Kejriwal.

"The tyranny of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi has reached unimaginable heights. If they return to power, they would stop at nothing to destroy our Constitution. The country needs us, once again. We have to overthrow this dictatorial central government. You all have to work hard and ensure that the BJP loses in all seven seats in Delhi," he said.

Explaining to the workers of East Delhi the mathematics of door to door campaigning, Kejriwal said that they need to go amongst the people and tell them that a vote for the Congress would translate into a victory for the BJP. Building on this, he said that in the last Lok Sabha elections, the BJP received 46% of the votes, the AAP received 33% of the votes and the Congress was a distinct third receiving 15% of the vote share. "Today, every survey shows that the BJP is set to lose more than 10% of its vote share. Now if this 10% vote went to the Congress, the BJP would still win as then the Congress would have stood at 25%, the AAP at 33% and the BJP at 36%," Kejriwal said.

Delhi State Convener Gopal Rai revealed to East Delhi volunteers the roadmap to victory. He said, each volunteer must take the responsibility for the votes of 10 households. "Each of these volunteers will be made 'Vijay Pramukhs'. Their role would be to meet with the voters in the 10 houses and explain the electoral mathematics of the upcoming election as explained to them by Arvind Kejriwal," Rai said.

East Delhi Lok Sabha in-charge Atishi also addressed the volunteers.

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