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'AAP to hold internal review for all MLAs before 2020 Assembly polls'

NEW DELHI: AAP to hold an internal review for all the MLAs before the 2020 Vidhan Sabha election, said sources in the party. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal will personally review the survey report and the negative points would be discussed with MLAs. "The party has no intention to not give a ticket to any MLA because we all appreciate their hard work. But before the election we have to go through their work to understand and prepare the party for the election," said a leader. The leader also said that Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national convenor Arvind kejriwal met all the MLAs after the election and has expressed his support to all and also encouraged everyone.

Sources said that the Delhi CM directed all AAP MLAs to make a report of the works they have done in these years and how many works are pending. The Delhi CM also reportedly directed the MLAs to finish all the pending work and to communicate with the Delhi government about the progress of the work. "We have less time in hand and the government decided to finish all the ongong works before 2020 therefore all the MLA should focus on these works," said a leader.

Among many works the main work of the MLAs would be coordinating with the RWAs to identify the the spots

where CCTVs should be installed. "The CCTV project is our flagship project and we belive that this work will change the situation of Delhi by making Delhi safer. The work is already going on at good speed but in this project the MLAs will play a big role hence it was important to communicate," said a leader.

On the other hand the AAP internally also working to find out the main reasons for the defeat and why the cadre vote baases shifted to the Congress and BJP. In this lection a huge number of Muslim and lower class votes which became the strong viter base of the AAP, voted for the Congress. However, in the past the Muslims and lower caste votes were with the Congress but in the 2014 election and also in 2015 AAP got the support of the minorities. "We have already said that we failed to expalin out stand to the people and people took this election as a Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi election," said a leader.

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