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AAP takes a shot at BJP-ruled MCDs over decades-long delay in Rani Jhansi flyover

NEW DELHI: Senior AAP leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak on Sunday targeted the Bharatiya Janata Partyand asked why it took the BJP administration 24 years to finish the bridge when it had promised to complete it in two years.

Pathak said, "BJP has been running a government of loot and inefficiency from within the MCD. BJP's MCD completed the Rani Jhansi flyover taking 24 long years, a flyover that had to be made in Rs 175 crore was made in Rs 724 crore. The AAP government on the other hand showed not only the people of Delhi but people of the country how honest work is done. Arvind Kejriwal's govt made the Rs 302 crore Shastri park flyover in Rs 250 crore within 1.5 years."

He added, "BJP rubbished our claims of corruption despite an audit report of the MCD auditor proving otherwise. The first responsibility of any government and party in a democracy is towards the people. The BJP cannot claim that the AAP is playing politics and not answer the questions raised by this audit report, because questions have been raised. The people of Delhi and the country want to know what BJP Delhi Chief Adesh Gupta has to say about the 70 objections noted by the auditor in his audit report.

Vikas Goyal, AAP Leader of Opposition of North MCD further questioned the BJP government and asked for accountability.

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