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AAP presents report on MCDs' performance

NEW DELHI: AAP on Monday presented a report where the party showed how the MCDs can perform better. AAP senior leader Dilip Pandey, Rajendra Pal Gautam and Imran Hussain presented the report. "The BJP led MCD - solely vested with the responsibility of managing waste in Delhi - have not fulfilled their basic statutory and legal duty and have left Delhi dirty, only in order to further its political aims and motives. Garbage is strewn all over the roads in Delhi, dhalaos are overflowing and the height of the landfills is exceeding that of the Qutub Minar. MCD has become a hindrance even in the works of the MLAs as the projects sanctioned by the MLAs are not completed by the MCD," a report presented by the leaders observed.

The report added that MCD has enough money to ensure timely payments to clear the bills of its contractors and to pay the salary to its top officials; but the MCD is always cash strapped when it comes to paying the salaries of its lower rung workers like the Safai Karamcharis, nurses etc.

"It is clear that the Central Government, regardless of the BJP or Congress, isn't interested in implementing the 74 Amendment of the Constitution and the statutory guidelines of the DMC Act (1957) - both of which are reason for the existence of bodies like MCD, which deem that all grant-in-aid from the Central Government is necessarily routed through the state government. The Central Government bypasses Delhi's democratically elected government," the report noted.

It added that Delhi receives only Rs 325 crore from the Central Government as grant in aid while Delhi collects Rs 1.25 lakh crores in income tax. The Central Government makes Delhi a half state in the National Finance Commission, and yet wants Delhi to pay completely for its incompetent and corrupt local body through the Delhi Finance


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