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AAP presents CEC list of areas where names were deleted from voter list

AAP presents CEC list of areas where names were deleted from voter list

NEW DELHI: AAP leader and South Delhi Lok Sabha in-charge Raghav Chadha on Monday wrote to the Chief Election Commission and present a list of areas from where the alleged deletion of names from the voter list took place. At your request, we provided a list of areas where voters have been wrongly deleted, wherein we suggested Harkesh Nagar, Tughlakabad Assemb ly Constituency and Lal Kuan," he wrote.

He also wrote that the officers conducting the survey appear to have been provided with a list (of deleted voters) that was wholly different from the list published on the website of the Election Commission.

The list which formed the basis of this survey was at complete variance with the one on the website. Upon inquiry, no answer was forthcoming from any of the inspection officers with regard to the variance in the said list, or how the list was prepared.

"It is pertinent to note that even the list available on the website of the Election Commission shows grave discrepancies against the initial ground investigation carried out by the Aam Aadmi Party's booth level agents. It was noted that names of a large number of people who are living in the area as permanent residents for multiple generations were missing from the electoral roll," wrote Chadha.

He added that during the survey, several people revealed that their names had been deleted from the electoral roll. It was noticed, however, that their names were neither on the deleted voter list uploaded on the website by the EC nor in the deleted voter lists carried by the Inspection Officers for verification.

"This leads to the worrisome likelihood that neither of these lists is a complete record of deleted voters. It is unclear how many such lists are in existence, whether there is an exhaustive list of deleted voters. The urgent remedial action is required in this regard as citizens are left in a lurch and there is no definite way for them to ascertain if and why their names have been deleted," wrote Chadha.

Chadha also observed, "Your urgent intervention is sought in respect of this farce of an exercise, where the officers conducting the survey have not even been furnished with a complete, accurate, authentic and comprehensive list of deleted voters. Even more shocking is the aspect of lack of any complete record of deleted voters."

Slamming AAP on the matter, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari said, "Due to its falling popularity and the upcoming General Elections, frustration has engulfed AAP and it is apprehending a defeat. Kejriwal has failed in fulfilling the promises made to the people of Delhi and making unreasonable statements and attacking the federal system has become a proof of his anarchist mindset.

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