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AAP gearing up for Assembly poll

NEW DELHI: For the upcoming Vidhan Sabha election in Delhi, the AAP will now now keep focus on strengthening the ground level connect for the coming two to three months. The party is also working on strengthening the various frontal organisation. Lastly, the party will look into the performance of all the MLAs, thereafter the distribution of tickets will be decided.

As per Delhi State convenor and cabinet minister Gopal Rai, a team will be formed by the state unit to monitor this programme. A team shall be constituted in each Vidhan Sabha area to track the progress at the local level.

A team of volunteers associated with the Delhi unit of the party will be appointed for day-to-day tracking of various MLAs in the city. This team will prepare a report of the programme for the chief minister at the end of each day. "The assembly elections will be a completely different ball game. The issues will be different. And in the state elections, the people will vote for the AAP on the basis of the good work done by our government," said an AAP leader. The party's campaign for Delhi hinges on the idea that when it comes to electing the local government, the people trust only CM Kejriwal and the AAP.

Gearing up for the assembly elections in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party also announced the restructuring of its auto-rickshaw drivers' wing. "Auto-rickshaw drivers have played a vital role in the previous assembly election in which AAP stood victorious. Auto drivers in Delhi used to operate in fear, until the AAP government came to power. Earning a decent living, sending children to schools and availing of basic facilities had become a challenge for them. The AAP gave them hope and they returned the favour by contributing to our campaign. It was high time for us to emphasise on the restructuring of the auto-rickshaw drivers' wing," Rai said.

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