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AAP counting on auto drivers once again for support

AAP counting on auto drivers once again for support

Gurugram: After it proved to be a major success in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party will rely on the support of auto drivers to form a strong support base in neighbouring Gurugram too.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was in the city on Saturday, specially mentioned the concerns of auto drivers and said that they will try to resolve them if they come to power in 2019.

More than 30,000 autos ply in the city and for many political parties, autos have long been an effective mode of campaigning and promotion of their candidates.

Due to the lack of an effective mode of public transportation, auto unions continue to hold their clout in the city.

Last year, over 20,000 autos went off the city roads after Gurugram Police undertook a massive crackdown against autos operating without legal permits. Later, after negotiations, autos resumed services.

Sources in Gurugram Police claim that strict action is also being taken against illegal cabs whose drivers, if caught, must pay a fine Rs 2,000 as per law.

However, reports claim that many drivers get away by paying a bribe of Rs 100-300 to police personnel.

Giving incorrect information to police and using black tinted glasses are some offences regularly committed by drivers in Gurugram.

At his meeting, Kejriwal also did not shy away from directing his party workers to prevent destruction of homes at Sheelta colony, located in the vicinity of the Air Force ammunition depot.

As per directions of the high court, no civilian settlement can be located with 900 metres of defense establishments.

This has led to various houses and shops in Sheetla Colony being sealed, which has not gone well with thousands of residents.

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