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AAP claims major security lapse in CM's attack

AAP claims major security lapse in CMs attack

NEW DELHI: A major security lapse was observed in the attack over the CM as the assailant made a false claim of family's illness to enter the secretariat and meet an official. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that it's a conspiracy using the Delhi Police by the BJP.

"The attack surprisingly took place at a high-security area. Recently, BJP Delhi chief Manoj Tiwari reached near the stage during the inauguration of the Signature Bridge. BJP in collusion with Delhi Police is hatching a conspiracy to attack the chief minister," said Sisodia. "We are not going to be cowed down by the BJP'S petty tactics," he added.

The man, Anil Kumar Sharma, who has been detained by the police, was targeting the bespectacled Chief Minister's eyes, officials said. Kumar, whose Aadhaar card has been recovered, brought the chilli powder to the secretariat in packets of khaini (chewing tobacco). After throwing red pepper powder on Kejriwal, Kumar threatened to shoot him after he comes out of jail, an official recounted. The attack took place outside the chief minister's chamber on the third floor when he was leaving for lunch.

According to sources, this person was well aware of the norms and regulations of the Delhi Secretariat. Around 12 pm, he reached the Delhi Secretariat and contacted the reception to make the pass. The sources confirmed that he claimed that his family members were not well hence he wanted to meet a particular official.

After getting permission from the office, he entered the secretariat thereafter waited till the Chief Minister came out of the room. The person carried chilli powder in his pocket and crossed two-level security check inside the Delhi Secretariat.

"I was right behind CM Arvind as we exited his chamber on the third floor of Delhi Secretariat, a high-security zone, after concluding a meeting. I was just a few steps behind the CM as he approached the hallway. I saw the attacker moving towards him, I could see that he was holding something in his hands. Shockingly, he walked right up to the Chief Minister without being intercepted by any security personnel. He tried to attack the Chief Minister by snatching his glasses, trying to throw red chilli powder into his eyes and physically assaulting him," said AAP leader Raghav Chadha who was an eyewitness.

Latest developments have been made in the above matter and the Delhi Police has gone on record to say that the incident that took place this afternoon was not an attack on the CM. Delhi Police has said that the attacker was merely touching the feet of the CM when the security guards restrained him.

"Absolute rubbish. As an eyewitness to the incident, I depose that the CM was attacked. Instead of investigating, the Delhi Police is shrugging off all responsibility and planting stories in the media. Shameful turn of events, CCTV footage bears complete truth," Chadha said.

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