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AAP campaign: Higher education gets priority

NEW DELHI: As the Aam Aadmi Party candidates kicked in door to door campaign in Delhi for the Lok Sabha election, leaders on the ground observed that the need for higher education has been a priority demand for the people. Hence the party leaders with their full statehood demand are talking to people that how this the problem of higher education can be solved.

"I have two daughters and one son who all are studying in Delhi government school. They are doing well and want to pursue their education further but they told me after school in Delhi colleges there is not much scope and we do not have money for private colleges," said Lakshmi Singh, an East Delhi resident from Trilokpuri, who works as a maid. The area which has a major Dalit population is solely dependent on government education.

"Most of our children stop studying after school because where will they go? There is also a problem of jobs in Delhi and we are forced to do small scale business. My husband is a vegetable vendor and I do not want my children to have the same future," Singh said.

Singh is not the only one in Delhi, after the door-to-door campaign, AAP's Lok Sabha candidates also found the problem of higher education across the city.

"When the campaigns are happening and we are going to the people they tell us about their problems, and higher education is a major issue in Delhi. We are explaining to them that higher education is not under the purview of the Delhi government and the only way we can help them with is by getting the full statehood. However, we also tell them about the skill development centres we have formed where they can get a degree and get a job," said a leader.

According to the leader and the residents of Delhi, the issue of law and order at the ground is also a major problem. "Every day we face problem in the slums here because of black market selling of liquors and drugs. The problem is major with the women and despite various complaints police hardly do anything," said Manju Rani who works as a sweeper in East Delhi.

She explained that their main demand from the candidates include safety and drainage of the area which they had earlier demanded too but not much has been done.

"Drainage work has started and they said that work will be done before monsoon else we will face a major problem with water and sanitation in the monsoon. But we also want safety, every day the crimes are increasing in this area which should be stopped," Rani further said.

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