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A well-organised gang, spread throughout India

New Delhi: From Jammu and Kashmir to Karnataka, the notorious 'Thak thak' gang has been expanding its net of criminal activity to several parts of the country.
Police sources claimed that the gang was operating from Delhi, as 'Guruji' sending different members – including women – to different states and cities of the country.
Police sources claimed the gang mostly targeted south Indian states to steal a hefty amount of jewellery and steal cash, and subsequently move to Gujarat and other metropolitan cities.
Recently, more than five cases were discovered in Kolkata, which are being investigated by police.
"They have targeted a few states, like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in South India, with the thought that people carry a good amount of jewellery, whereas in Gujarat and Kolkata they targeted businessmen carrying cash," said an investigator from the Delhi Police Crime Branch.
He added that to target tourists, the gang would go to Agra.
Police also found their movement in Jammu and Kashmir, which is been investigated.
Sources told Millennium Post that in one year, the movement of the gang was found in various states, including Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.
They operate with more than four different modus operandi, which vary as per the situation.
To collect the looted cash from his associates – who would be different states – Guruji would board flights from Delhi.
To return to Delhi, he would choose trains, so as to dodge security, as he used to carry a large amount of valuables.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Bhihsam Singh stated on Sunday that the female members in the team cooked food for the other members and also played a role in the stealing act.
The women would come in front of slowly moving cars and pretend to be knocked down by the car.
The other men members would come to their support and distract the driver, while another member would steal the bags from in the car.
Guruji also provided the gang members with arms to protect themselves, in case someone would attack them.
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