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A week later, cops yet to make any arrests

New Delhi: Even after seven days of the five murders in Shahdara's MS Park, the Delhi Police still struggling to make any substantial headway in what has turned into a murder mystery now.
The slain guard Rakesh's phone has still not been found which went missing from the site where the murders took place in the intervening night of October 6 and 7.
Though the senior police officers have monitered the case personally but have till now failed to make any arrest.
The center of the probe has been both an insider's role and also revolves round the role of contract killers with the help of an insider.
However, a robbery attempt gone wrong angle hold little significance because neither the family of Jindals nor the police found valuables missing from the crime scene .
The police teams have already questioned the family members and all servants working in the 'Jindal Oil Mills' premises at MS Park.
The fact that three of the four murdered women were not in the best of health and suffered from ailments focuses the investigation angle towards the role of a person who knew the family and specifically the condition of the women.
The friendly entry gives the police a reason to believe that the attacker was known.
Urmila, 82, was found murdered along with her three daughters Sangeeta, 56, Nupur, 48 and Anjali, 38 with stab injuries and slit marks on throat. Guard Rakesh, 42, was found downstairs with stab wounds as well.
However, with a massive property the Jindal joint family has, the police team is also investigating if it has anything to do with the murders.
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