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978 security barricades found in bad shape

New Delhi: For any level of security, barricades play an important role whether it is a violent protest or trapping any criminal, the metal bodies always stand firm.

Recently in a meeting between the officers in Delhi Police headquarters, a discussion was held regarding the compliance of instructions related to barricades in which it was found that 978 barricades across the city were not in good shape and will be returned to one of the departments in the city police. According to police sources, the city is guarded by more than 19,000 barricades and recently 9,517 of them were repaired or repainted.

The Delhi Police Commissioner in a meeting with senior officers reviewed the condition of barricades in the city.

In the meeting, it was found that in one of the districts, 270 barricades were not found in good shape or to be returned back to P&L Unit of Delhi Police.

Whereas in the other two districts 270 and 126 barricades were in bad conditions. Moreover, the city police also plan to bring 10,044 barricades in the city which will be adding more strength in the policing.

Plays an important role in law and order arrangements

According to police officers, barricades always plays an important role as through proper barricading many criminals were not able to escape from police trap and also during any major law and order issues, the metal body helps them in controlling situation.

The police record stated that as many as 8,594 programmes held in Delhi in 2018. All these laws and order arrangements were dealt with strategic policing and barricading.

Police said that 1,568 demonstrations were reported in the city whereas 451 processions held in 2018. "As many as 608 meetings took place in different parts of the city. There were around 406 rallies and marches in national Capital whereas 5,541 dharnas, strike, and other programme took place in 2018.

Pickets across the city

Sources further said that in more than 900 police pickets, (permanent and temporary) barricades are placed. The metal bodies play an important role in the Delhi Police strategy to check criminals with firearms.

The picket staffs till March have recovered 88 firearms during checking. The proper barricading played an important role in the recovery.

In the year 2018, a 21-year-old biker died in North West Delhi after his throat was slit by a wire which was tied between two police barricades. Since then questions were raised on the conditions and placement of barricades. Sources further told that more than 18000 barricades have provisions fluorescent strip or tape and blinkers. Also, all the barricades have the serial number of the districts.

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