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74-year-old jumps to death from 12th floor

Gurugram: It was a sad end to the life of 74-year-old Sudhir Singh who on Monday afternoon jumped to death from the twelfth floor of HEWO society near the Golf Course road. According to sources, Singh was mentally depressed because of his illness and the losses caused in his business that was related to garment exports. Before taking the extreme step, Singh wrote a note to his family where he apologised to his immediate family members for taking an extreme step.

After sending the body for post mortem, the Gurugram police has begun the investigation into the death of the 74-year old. "It seems that the deceased was unhappy with his failing health and loneliness. We are also getting to hear that his business venture was not doing well which resulted in him taking the extreme step. We have registered a case under the following sections and are inquiring over another issue that may have resulted in this unfortunate incident," said a senior official from Gurugram police. The incident just comes days after an MNC executive committed suicide due to job pressure and a broken relationship.

There have been various incidents in the past where young people, mostly in the early '20s, are taking the extreme step and committing suicide. The worse impact of a troubled mind was recently seen when a doctor killed his entire family before committing suicide "There is a need to tackle depression. In Gurugram we are seeing more such cases coming from MNC and business units where most of the employees are under a lot of pressure to deliver. To make sure that the employees remain productive, the company must make certain investments towards ensuring that the mental health of its employees remains sound," said Dr Ranjana Yadav, a city psychologist.

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