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6,000 cops trained this year to deal with different situation

 Abhay Singh |  2018-07-12 18:11:38.0

6,000 cops trained this year to deal with different situation

New Delhi: How to react to different calls made to PCR? This is what is being taught to the police personnel so that they can handle any situation with calm. The city police have trained more than 6,000 police personnel in the year 2018 under different segments. Recently, in Burari case, the PCR staff calmly informed their senior about the call with proper details without any fumble. It was an example of the training which is cited to the staff. "After hearing the call of such big incident if the PCR staff had fumble or panic then the proper details would not have been shared with the police officer. The mind should be calm and composed," said a senior police officer. The classes also imparted how to share details of any incident with higher rank police officials.

In the classes which are important to attend for the PCR staff, the cops are told about the importance of blank calls which PCR receive whether any person in distress makes such call but is unable to speak. "We also taught them if there is a case where a kid is involved then how to make him comfortable," the senior police officer said. The PCR staff below 40 are being trained on how to deal with the situation where foreign tourists are involved and they are in some problem. "English classes have been going on for the policemen and also when any foreign tourist came to PCR van and there are chances that police personnel have to call control room again so that the policeman who knows English can listen to their problem," he said.

More than 3,000 police personnel have been trained under stress management whereas 200 are being given training on spoken English and life saving skills known as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which is also a part of the curriculum. For the upcoming Independence Day, PCR personnel are being trained to handle different situation.

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