6 burglars arrested, 200 kg copper wire recovered

6 burglars arrested, 200 kg copper wire recovered

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Friday arrested six burglars involved in the theft of copper wire and approx. 200 kg of stolen copper wire recovered.

According to police the incidents of theft of copper wire were reported in Mukherjee Nagar police station.

"These incidents were found occurred at All India Radio High Power Transmission Aerial Field which is spread in approx. 300 Acres of land," police said.

The Mukherjee Nagar police team first arrested three accused persons Shan Mohamad, Shahzad and Abhishek red-handed along with the bundles of the copper wire.

During sustained interrogation, they disclosed the name of one receiver scrap dealer Aas Mohamad who was arrested from GTB Enclave on their instance and bundles of copper wires also recovered from his possession.

They also disclosed that earlier, one scrap hawker Umed was used to roam in the area of Model Town, Mukherjee Nagar as scrap hawker.

Later on, he found the potential of stealing a huge amount of Copper Wires from All India Radio High Power Transmission Aerial Field and to earn huge profit from the same.

"He started to look for his accomplice for the same and he involved his brother-in-law Shan Mohamad, Firoz, his sister in law Akshay in it," police said.

Later on, three more persons Shahzad, Abhishek, Gaurav and Pintu also joined the gang.

They started stealing copper wire from All India Radio Aerial Field and they used to sell it to scrap dealers at cheap


Later on, they started committing theft of copper wires from thereby forming separate groups. Police arrested other accused.

Elderly saved from burglary

The PCR staffs of Delhi Police arrested three burglars in Vasant Vihar area. On the intervening night of 13/14June, the PCR staff was entrusted with a PCR call at 4.10 AM regarding the incident.

The PCR staff met the caller, aged 72 years, who informed them that some unknown persons were trying to break open their gate.

When he heard the sound, he dialled 100 number for assistance.

In the meantime the staff heard some loud noise from the adjoining house.

The alert staff chased and apprehended one of the accused. Later other two persons were nabbed.

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